So based on that Eproducers can be introduced as:

Social responsible TV production that is specialised in providing varied valuable content with excellence, efficiency and success oriented professionalism, through building long lasting relationships with our customers and business partners.

Company Overview

Eproducers is an Egyptian based company that is specialized in the Electronic Entertainment production.
The company started in 2004 with its main focus mainly on TV programs and it built through these years a reputation based on main aspects:
Social responsible: its content has to be serving and adding value to the society Diversified audience : males and females of all ages are the company audience with special focus is on young audience (male or female) Around the world not only pan Arab: the company is known for shooting around the world and  many of our shows is based on this to meet this responsibilities Eproducers has two associated companies, in Uk and in Jeddah, KSA.
Our shows travels from Cairo our base to Beruit, Syria, Kuwait, Dubai, Sudan, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, France, England, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China… etc and these are full episodes shootings trips not just reports.
KSA Specialists: Eproducers is known as a professional door to access the Saudi content. MBC, OSN and Rotana, Al Risalah..etc. Saudi market has its unique key points and Eproducers has a excellent professional experience in knowing how to deal with these keys to produce in quality and with efficiency.
Quality Production: due to the experience in shooting around the world the company tailored production teams that can work in any circumstances and maintain a high quality production output.
Big Productions and High Production Values: We try through all our work to maintain a high standard of production work.